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Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter. It seems like most Americans actually understand that now. Yeah, we all have that one racist friend on Facebook posting All Lives Matter, but most people are getting on board. And they are staying on board. It’s been two weeks since George Floyd was murdered by cops, and the protests have not let up. They’ve been getting bigger and more widespread. All fifty states have had BLM marches. Fifty-nine other countries have had BLM protests. The protests aren’t going away, not until there is real change.

It starts with defunding the police. People freak out when they hear that because they don’t know what it means. I won’t tell you what it means. You have the Google, so do the Google. I will tell you that it works. Just ask Camden. They already did it and the sky didn’t fall. Camden, New Jersey did it in 2013 and shit got better. Read about it here.

I’ve been to two Black Lives Matter protests in the past week. What did I see? I saw people of every color, of every age group coming together peacefully to demand change. I saw grandparents marching with their grandkids, witnessing them experiencing history in the making together. I felt hope and optimism. And I still feel a connection to everybody else out there holding up signs and chanting and honking horns in support.

The fight’s not over. George Floyd’s killers haven’t been convicted. People will protest until they are behind bars. And cities will burn if they get acquitted. We demand accountability. Not just for George Floyd, but for everyone that’s been a victim of police brutality. We all agree that bad cops exist. But there are no good cops if they’re all covering for the bad ones. Those two cops that pushed the 75-year-old protester got suspended and that inspired 57 cops to resign from the riot unit. They care more for their brothers in blue than they do about us.

It’s sad that we can’t talk about Black Lives Matter without talking about systemic racism in law enforcement. The two go hand in hand. We have to accept that and make some real changes to who we are as a society. Now is the time. If you haven’t been to a Black Lives Matter protest yet, this is the time. Be a part of the movement. Don’t forget your mask though.

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