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What’s Missing?

This might look similar to most of my random posts, but it’s not. Writing this post is a hard task. I’m actually kind of struggling from word to word.  I’m using particular words and trying out my vocabulary in a way that I don’t normally do. Typing it and making it flow is proving difficult. It’s tough to jot down. So do you know what’s missing from this post by now? I do, but I did this blog so I should know. It’s kind of obvious if you know what to look for. Want a hint? A particular symbol is missing. It’s a common symbol, a symbol you look at daily. On billboards, in books, it’s all around you. In fact, this symbol is probably by you right now. It’s on your monitor; it’s just not in this post. That’s how good I am at what I do. I’m not cocky, I’m just hinting at what it is. You might want to throw up your hands in frustration if you still don’t know. I won’t say what it is until you start crying. I’m a dick but I’m proud of it. C’mon, you can do it. Think of your ABC’s and look at this blog again. Now I’m just lazy with hints. Catch what’s missing now? You will. Possibly.

Critical Final Tally is a 17/17

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