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Doing Math In Your Head

I hate math. I hated math class. I hated all those algebra and calculus formulas that I had to learn and never used once in the real world. The only math you need is basic math… adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing. Doing math in your head is an important skill, and one to be proud of. You will always remember the first time you divided 47.63 by 2 successfully. The problem with doing math in my head is that I usually have to bust out my phone to use the calculator to double check my answer. I probably should have just used the calculator in the first place to save time, but I wanted to challenge myself and pretend I’m smart.

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Playing the Lottery

I play the lottery. You can’t win if you don’t play. I play, but I don’t win. I put $5 on Mega Millions and $5 on Super Lotto twice a week. I’ve done it for that last few years. I keep all my losing stubs, partially because I’m a hoarder, partially to remind myself how dumb I am. Using basic math, I can tell you that I’ve spent $5200 on lottery tickets and I’ve won maybe $400. Not a lump sum either, I’m talking about $400 total over five years winning $1-$15 at a time. I’ve never made over $20 from one ticket. I keep telling myself I’m due, so I keep on playing. And I keep on losing. I only need to win once though.

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Broken dreams

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