Dog Sitting 

 Dog sitting is when you take care of someone else’s dog for an extended period of time. You feed it, you give it water, you take it for walks, you pick up its shit when it shits. I’m writing about dog sitting because I’m currently dog sitting for my sister while she’s out of town. She has a Boston Terrier. He’s a few years old but still thinks he’s a puppy. He won’t stop playing. He likes to play fetch. He used to be pretty good at it but he’s getting older and has a cataract forming on one eye so his coordination isn’t quite there anymore. He still plays fetch like a canine with OCD. His favorite thing to fetch is an orange rubber ball and I can’t watch TV without having to throw it for him. The ball gets all slimy from his saliva and then it picks up loose hair so it doesn’t take long for me to be touching a moist hairball every thirty seconds. Every now and then the ball will get stuck under a cabinet or couch and he will start to whine and cry until I find it and get it out for him. If I try to eat or use my iPad he will start to whine and cry until I play with him again. This simple blog post took twice as long to write as it normally does because I have to stop what I’m doing every few words to appease the little brat. He’s lucky that he’s a cute motherfucker.

 Critically Rated at 13/17

Written, Rated, and Reviewed by Brendan H. Young 


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