Not Returning the Shopping Cart

I had to finish buying Christmas presents the other day so I went to the local big box retailer. It was a Sunday and there were tons of holiday shoppers everywhere. It was a battle to make my way through the aisles trying to find perfect gifts and good deals. I managed to find enough shit to fill up my cart, and then I had to fight my way through the maze of cashiers. I settled on the line with the slowest cashier because I have no luck when it comes to checking out. Suffice to say that I was pretty annoyed at the world by the time I finally left the confines of the store and emerged into the parking lot. I walked to the car, filled up the trunk, and returned the shopping cart to the designated shopping cart area (you know, that place where you return the carts so that they aren’t scattered all around everywhere and cars don’t hit them). I always return the shopping cart to the designated shopping cart area. My mom raised me to be respectful and to do the right thing. I even took a couple of other people’s shopping carts back as well. Apparently they were too busy to do it themselves because the world revolves around them. I have no respect for those who practice not returning the shopping cart. They should have their shopping privileges rescinded. Don’t use shopping carts if you can’t handle the responsibility. That means putting them back.

Critically Rated at 4/17

Written, Rated, and Reviewed by Brendan H. Young


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