Mike’s Harder Black Cherry Lemonade

You’ve probably heard of Mike’s Hard Lemonade, one of the leading manufacturers of malternative adult beverages. They make a few different flavors and varieties and Mike’s Harder Black Cherry Lemonade is one of them. It’s called Mike’s Harder because it has a higher alcohol content than Mike’s Hard. It’s 8% ABV as opposed to a mere 5%. It’s called Black Cherry Lemonade because it tastes like lemonade with black cherry flavoring. It’s sweet, sour, syrupy, and sugary. It tastes like a hangover in a can and that’s pretty much what it is. I only bought a can of it so I would have something to blog about. I wish I had bought a can of beer instead. I don’t feel like a high school cheerleader when I drink beer. Mike’s Hard Lemonade impresses nobody. They need to stop marketing glorified wine coolers to straight dudes.

Critically Rated at 6/17

Written, Rated, and Reviewed by Brendan H. Young


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