Tupac vs. Biggie

There are certain things that you should never discuss in a bar. You should never talk about religion. You should never talk about politics. And you should never talk about Tupac vs. Biggie. The ongoing debate about the best rapper of all time always comes down to Tupac vs. Biggie. They both used their talents to become hugely successful and influential, and their initial friendship soured and they became enemies as the East Coast and West Coast went to war. Both men were gunned down in their prime, victims of a war they perpetrated in an effort to gain more sales. It’s tough to say who left a deeper impression on rap. Tupac was a writer and Biggie would flow. Tupac was more versatile and prolific, recording more songs and albums, and acting in films. Biggie did more with less. He only had two solo albums, and one of those was released after he died. And he’s still constantly brought up when we talk about the best rapper of all time. The fact that he’s even compared to Tupac with such a short body of work just proves his greatness. He was a better storyteller with a smoother flow. We will never reach an agreement as to who was better. The debate will go on forever. It’s still a shame that we lost them both before they even turned twenty-five. Their legacies live on, forever intertwined. But seriously, don’t talk about Tupac or Biggie while drunk because fists will fly and friendships will end.

Critically Rated at 13/17

Written, Rated, and Reviewed by Brendan H. Young


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