Birthday Buddies

It’s always cool meeting somebody who has the same birthday as you. You instantly have a bond, a connection. You are birthday buddies. The world is a big place but it seems a lot smaller when you find someone who came into existence the same day that you did. It happened to me the other night. I was grabbing a drink with some coworkers after work and one of them brought along a friend. The friend mentioned that her birthday was coming up next week. My birthday is coming up next week too, so I asked her when it was. She said April 29th. I told her it was mine too. She asked for proof. I showed her my ID and she showed me hers. Once it was verified that we were birthday buddies, we raised our glasses and we toasted to Tauruses everywhere. There are billions of people on the planet and only 365 days (sometimes 366 days) each year, so you share your birthday with millions of people. You just have to find out who they are.

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Written, Rated, and Reviewed by Brendan H. Young


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  1. Happy birthday. There is a song by the Rembrandts called “April 29.” You know the Rembrandts from the Friends theme song. That was about all they were good for, but at least they recorded you a birthday song.

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