The Windmill Hole

I remember going to play mini golf on a glorious 4/20 a few years ago with a few friends. There was a dad playing with his young son and daughter right ahead of us. He seemed like your average suburb dad spending some quality time with his kids, but then we found out that he was an idiot a few holes in. We got to the stereotypical windmill hole, the kind you see at every miniature golf course where you try to get your ball into a small hole at the base of the windmill without the spinning blades knocking it out of the way. The dad teed off and got the ball into the hole but it didn’t come out the other end. So he went up to the windmill to look into the little hole, and the blade smacked him in the side of the head, right in the temple hard enough to send him staggering backward. He instinctively grabbed his head and when he took his hand away, you could see he was bleeding profusely from a massive gash. I remember his daughter shrieking, “DADDY! YOU’RE BLEEDING!!” He told them it was time to go and they quickly walked away. There was a mother from another group who saw them leaving and asked us what happened. We told her the story and she said, “Well, that was pretty stupid,” and we totally agreed with her. It was one of the dumbest things that I’ve ever seen anyone do. That guy almost killed himself playing mini golf in front of his two kids. He deserved that concussion. Just remember the hazards of mini golf and don’t fuck around on the windmill hole. That shit is dangerous.

Critically Rated at 14/17

Written, Rated, and Reviewed by Brendan H. Young


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