USB Flash Drive

A USB Flash Drive (sometimes called a thumb drive) is a data storage device, but I wouldn’t recommend getting one if you don’t have a computer. Flash drives have no moving parts so they are extremely durable and reliable. They use flash memory, they are reusable and rewritable, and they are increasing in storage capacity every year. They used to be measured in megabytes, then gigabytes, and now we are up to terabytes of storage. You can have more stuff stored on your keychain than on your personal computer at home. That’s a lot of porn and WikiLeaks to be carrying around in your pocket. Flash drives used to be a novelty, but now they are a necessity. It’s one of the best ways to backup files or share data. Plus they get cheaper and cheaper every year. If you don’t have one, perhaps it’s time to change that. Twenty bucks will get you something that has more storage capacity than you will know what to do with. Plus you will feel like a spy when you use it. And who doesn’t want to be James Bond?

Critically Rated at 15/17

Written, Rated, and Reviewed by Brendan H. Young


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