The Duck Hunt Dog

Duck Hunt was a launch title for the original Nintendo Entertainment System. It was one half of a joint cartridge that also included Super Mario Bros. Mario went on to fame and glory, but Duck Hunt didn’t leave the lasting impression that Mario did. And I blame the Duck Hunt Dog for that. The Duck Hunt Dog was the closest thing that Duck Hunt had to a mascot. He was the only character that appeared on screen (other than the ducks). He was a great concept on paper – a cute and cuddly animal with a sense of humor… he provokes the ducks, he retrieves the ducks, and he laughs at you when you miss the ducks. Seriously. He’s one of the few video game characters that breaks the fourth wall, and he only does it to make fun of you. He looks directly at you and he laughs at your failures. He mocks you. And you have to sit there and take it. You play video games to escape reality and feel better about yourself, but the Duck Hunt Dog only exists to make you feel bad. Duck Hunt would be a much better game if you could shoot that motherfucker. I’m not bitter. I just hate him so much.

Critically Rated at 4/17

Written, Rated, and Reviewed by Brendan H. Young

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