Too Good to Eat

I work in a restaurant so I’m well aware that food presentation is important. You could have made the best dish of all time, but nobody will eat it if it looks like a pile of shit. And something that tastes mediocre will taste better if it looks appetizing. But sometimes things are simply too good to eat. Case in point: a family friend made a cake for my sister’s baby shower. The cake looked like an elephant. It had gray frosting and its trunk and ears were made out of marshmallow treats. Everybody was impressed with it, everyone was taking pictures of it and posting it on Facebook and Instagram. When it finally became time to cut the cake, nobody wanted to do it. It would have been like burning a painting and nobody wants to destroy art. The cake literally was too good to eat. Someone eventually caved in and cut it, plopped some cake on a plate and handed it to me. It was no longer an elephant. It was just a slice of gray cake. It tasted good, but it was even better when it was still an intact culinary creation. Some things that are too good to eat really are too good to eat.

Critically Rated at 14/17

Written, Rated, and Reviewed by Brendan H. Young1517593_10151811024085882_1542971137_n

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One response to “Too Good to Eat

  1. DKY

    It was the cutest cake ever, and it was made with plenty of love.

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