Secret Hiding Spot

Kids have forts. Adults have secret hiding spots. Everybody should have a secret hiding spot, their own little fortress of solitude. It should be a place to escape to when you need a little peace and quiet. It’s a place to reflect and a place to take girls to. My secret hiding spot is a park/viewpoint on a hill overlooking the San Francisco Bay. It’s easy to miss and hard to get to. Consider yourself lucky if I’ve taken you there. A secret hiding spot should be a shared secret. You don’t want everybody to know about it, but it should be too cool to keep it to yourself. Tell a few trustworthy people about it and it becomes an unofficial clubhouse for your group. You’ll meet there, you’ll drink there, you’ll smoke there. Your secret hiding spot should be a place you are proud of, and if it’s not than it’s not worth keeping secret.
Critically Rated at 15/17
Written, Rated, and Reviewed by Brendan H. Young


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