86 is restaurant code for when an item is temporarily out of stock. For example, you are 86 ranch dressing if you run out of it. You might be 86 New York Strips for a few hours if the steaks aren’t fully thawed yet. It’s a 68 when you get the item back in stock and/or you can sell it again. 86 can also be taken out of the restaurant and applied to real world situations. It’s fun to say that you’ve 86ed your bad habits. It’s even more fun to refer to recently deceased celebrities as being 86ed. You might offend some people, but most people will think you’re hilariously witty and smart. 86 is a practical term. You should adopt it as your own and use it as your catchphrase.
Critically Rated at 14/17
Written, Rated, and Reviewed by Brendan H. Young


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