A scooter (or kick scooter) is a deck with wheels and a handlebar that you power by pushing. It’s like a skateboard with something to hang on to. Most people think of a Razor scooter whenever someone mentions scooters. They are sleek, two-wheeled, and easily transportable because they have a lightweight foldable aluminum frame. They are the best scooters and they singlehandedly reinvented a tired form of personal transportation. But there are many other brands and styles of scooters. There are three-wheeled models. There are four-wheeled models. They even have electric and motorized versions that move in excess of twenty miles per hour. And that’s pretty fucking fast when you’re only 2 inches off the ground. Scooters are a fun form of transportation, but they sure as hell make you lose street cred.
Critically Rated at 8/17
Written, Rated, and Reviewed by Brendan H. Young

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