A Good Last Goodbye

Goodbyes are hard. They are always sad. But the other day I experienced a good last goodbye, one of the best goodbyes in history. Three of my close friends were leaving after an awesome summer in San Francisco, and a group of us hung out together all day. We ended up getting dinner at the restaurant where we all work, and we got food, drinks, and an amazing dessert. But that was just leading up to the real goodbye. We finished our meal and walked outside and hung around the entrance for a minute. We were all reluctant to leave, because that would mean that summer was officially over. We were all hugging each other, saying how much we would miss each other, and then we spontaneously formed into a huddle, all ten of us. We wrapped our arms around each other and leaned our heads into the circle and started talking about all the crazy nights, all the mellow nights, and all the highlights of the summer. We were truly in the moment, and at the moment all we had was love for each other. It was a good last goodbye, one that I will remember forever. And even though I miss those motherfuckers, I can’t be too sad because I will see them again someday. Too bad someday isn’t tomorrow though.

Critically Rated at 16/17

Written, Rated, and Reviewed by Brendan H. Young

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