Trying to Sleep When You Know You Can’t

Tomorrow is a big day. Maybe you have an important presentation at work, maybe you’re meeting up with an old friend, maybe you have to get up early for a flight, and so you decide that you’ll be responsible and go to bed early. You get into bed, close your eyes, and wait to drift off to sleep. But sleep’s not coming. You start tossing and turning, your mind starts racing, and you glance at the time and realize it’s been two and half hours and your brain’s still not shutting down. You try counting sheep, but give up once you hit a thousand. As the night slips away, you get more and more anxious. You start to panic, you start to get mad at yourself for not being able to sleep, you start dreading about how tired you’re going to be the next day. Trying to sleep when you know you can’t is a frustrating exercise in futility. Don’t try to force yourself to sleep because you will go crazy. Sleep is like a sexy lady: the more desperate you are to get it, the more she plays hard to get. It’s only when you give up and play it cool that she creeps up on you and you get some… I wish sexy ladies were more like sleep.

Critically Rated at 10/17

Written, Rated, and Reviewed by Brendan H. Young

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