Graphing Calculators

I don’t know what high school is like now (thank God), but ten years ago I was still in high school, and even worse I was stuck in math class. Algebra II was a bitch. I passed the class, but barely, and it was all thanks to my graphing calculator. Math wasn’t my subject. I was all about English and History, but math requires a certain skill set that I never bothered to learn.

A graphing calculator was like a smart phone back in the day. You could program it, add notes, and even play games on it.

I would use it to pass a test every once in a while, but graphing calculators were better than a Gameboy. You could have multiple games on it and never even have to change a cartridge. Drug Wars is one of the best games of all time, and I’ve only been able to play it on a calculator. Graphing calculators were essential to pass your math class, but they were even more important to pass the time. Graphing calculators are the forgotten form of portable gaming, but they are as revolutionary as Sega Game Gear or the Nintendo DS.

Critically Rated at 15/17


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