Rambo IV or John Rambo is the fourth or last installment of the Rambo series. 236 people die, in case you were wondering. Slyvester Stallone is a bad ass. Very few people star in 2 successful movie franchises, but Stallone does it, and he makes Rambo and Rocky legit characters, people that you don’t want to fuck with.

The plot is generic. You’ve seen it a thousand times before. Rambo is some schmuck hired to take people into forbidden water. He is reluctant at first, but he gives in and leads a gang or recruits into no-man’s-land. Rambo acts like he is a decent person, but as soon as the action kicks in Rambo starts mowing people in half and doesn’t let up.

People die in this movie. A lot. Rambo uses crazy weapons and tactics and finds exciting new ways to mutilate and massacre the enemy. There is no recovering from that. Sly Stallone was on a shit ton of steroids and you can tell that steroids are good for you.

It might not be a good movie, but this is an awesome blockbuster. Not only is the action top notch, but the protagonist doesn’t give a shit. If you want to hurt John Rambo, you need to find John Rambo. Easier said than done. This guy is a ninja and can pop up anywhere.

It’s kind of funny that Sylvester Stallone can be M.I.A. for so long, and then he decides to resurrect his career with his biggest hits. He brought back Rocky Balboa, and named the sixth and latest movie Rocky Balboa. Woah, what a stretch. He brought back the John Rambo character as well, and the latest movie is called Rambo. What a stretch. Sly Stallone is a genius apparently. I don’t know anyone who paid cash money to see Sly Stallone on the big screen. but some people did. Good for them.

The plot is almost nonexistent. This movie exists so that you see people get mowed in half. Not white people. Little Asian people get mowed down like it is going out of style. It’s a tough time to be proud of the human race.

Rambo is a fun movie. It’s a waste of time to think differently. Just accept the fact that violence is entertaining and save us some time. Sly Stallone does a great job bring an irrelevant character back to the big screen. Too bad no one cares about Rambo anymore. His time has passed.

Rambo shoots people. He kills people. He tries to be a decent human being, but he doesn’t know how. He is a soldier. He fights and he fights with honor. He doesn’t always come through all the time, but he has no fear. Rambo wins in the end. You knew that he would. It’s Hollywood.

Critically Rated at 12/17

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