Seinfeld is the best show of the ‘90s without a doubt. It was a show about nothing, and by doing that, it was about anything. There are so many great moments, characters, lines and episodes. If you don’t like Seinfeld, I don’t like you.

Each character was great. You know you have a solid show when your standup comedian star is the least funny character and is essentially the everyman that the viewer relates to. Jerry Seinfeld stars as himself, a standup comic living in New York City. He hangs out with his best friends George and Elaine and his crazy neighbor Kramer. Seinfeld used to bookend each episode with material from his comedy routines, but that happened less and less as the show progressed. He is a ladies man and always seems to have a smoking hot girlfriend. He is almost the straight man, but is a little too sarcastic.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus plays Elaine Benes, Jerry’s friend and an ex-girlfriend. She is feisty, aggressive and shoves Jerry a lot. She dances like a kicking fool. Michael Richards plays Kramer, the crazy next-door neighbor who always makes a zany entrance. He is a constant mooch, he doesn’t have a steady job, but he seems to be doing alright because he’s Jerry’s neighbor, and Jerry isn’t poor. Jason Alexander plays George Costanza, Jerry’s best friend and a loser. He’s short, bald and neurotic, and one of the best sitcom characters of all time.

Some episodes feel a little dated now, but the majority of them are still relevant, and all of them are funny. This was the water cooler show of the ‘90s, it WAS pop culture. Who can forget the Soup Nazi, man hands, being the “master of your domain”, Junior Mints, the Summer of George, yada yada yada, shrinkage, Bubble Boy, Steinbrenner, Festivus, “these pretzels are making me thirsty”, and J, Peterman? The series finale was not a terrible way to end the show. They brought back dozens of fun characters, and they pointed out how mean-spirited Jerry and his friends were.

Thanks to DVD releases and syndication you can watch all 9 seasons of Seinfeld and be happy. Network television has had a void ever since Jerry decided to walk away. HBO has Curb Your Enthusiasm, and it is very funny and very similar, but there was something comforting about Jerry and the Gang that Larry David is lacking. Some of Curb’s best episodes involve Seinfeld cast members, and the Seinfeld Reunion story arc is amazing and makes you remember what you’re missing. The best TV show of the ‘90s, and the best network sitcom ever.

Critically Rated at 16/17

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