I’m Still Writing

I know that I’m slacking. I haven’t posted very much the last year or so. But I’m still writing. I’m just not posting anything. I’ve been working on a memoir. It’s about Mandy. And Zach. And Josh. And now Nikoh. I can’t talk about one of them without mentioning the others.

Life has been weird and time keeps chugging along. I know I haven’t been as productive with my time as I should be, but it’s hard to get myself out of this funk. I try to write for at least ten minutes a day. Sometimes I type and delete the same sentence over and over again. Sometimes I have a burst of creativity and the words explode onto the page in a barrage.

But I’m still writing. I’m trying to make something positive out of all this bullshit. I owe it to them.

Critically Rated at 10/17

Written, Rated, and Reviewed by Brendan H. Young

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