The Lottery Ticket Paradox

The lottery ticket paradox was a stoney thought I had the other night as I clutched my Mega Millions ticket in my hand. Let’s say you go in on a $10 quick pick with a friend on the night of the drawing. He gives you five bucks, you throw down another $5 and buy the ticket. You text him a picture of the ticket as proof of purchase, then you stuff the ticket in your wallet and temporarily forget about it. A few hours later your buddy calls you saying that you hit the jackpot. That piece of paper that your fat ass is sitting on is worth millions of dollars.

But there’s a paradox here. The lottery ticket paradox. Did you have the winning ticket before the numbers were drawn? At what point did you become a millionaire? Was it when you purchased the ticket? Was it when the Mega Number was drawn? Was it when your friend called you and told you? Or do you have to wait until you receive that giant oversized check for it to be official? It’s essentially the chicken vs. egg debate. Does your ticket match the drawing, or does the drawing match your ticket?

Critically Rated at 13/17

Written, Rated, and Reviewed by Brendan H. Young

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