AA Battery

It doesn’t matter how cool your electronics are if you don’t have any batteries to power them. There are a bunch of different sized batteries, but nothing beats AA batteries. AA batteries (or double A batteries) are the most popular type of battery in the world, accounting for over half of battery sales worldwide. They are the preferred battery for most portable electronics, powering everything from toothbrushes to remote controls to speakers to flashlights. Your household is incomplete if you don’t have any spare AA batteries lying around in a drawer somewhere. You would be fucked if there was a natural disaster or if you lost power for a few days. AA batteries are one of the things that most people would forget to scavenge when the zombie apocalypse happens. I would loot the Duracell factory, hoard all the batteries, and use them as a currency to buys guns, food, and land. Eventually I would become the King of Zombieland. Whoever has the batteries has the power.

Critically Rated at 16/17

Written, Rated, and Reviewed by Brendan H. Young


Filed under Random Rants

2 responses to “AA Battery

  1. Pranay

    Nice pun!
    “Whoever has the batteries has the power.”

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