A Cold Beverage in a Hot Glass

A cold beverage in a hot glass is a bad idea. Any server will tell you that that’s a recipe for a cracked glass. Sometimes the glass is so hot and the drink is so cold, that it shatters in your hand while you take it to the table. Hot plus cold equals cracked glass. That’s why you don’t pour hot water over an iced-over windshield. It will crack the glass. It’s simple physics. Two extreme temperatures can’t coexist on a fragile surface. The fastest way to cool down a glass is to turn it upside and run cold water over it. It chills the glass down pretty quickly most of the time, but it’s not foolproof and you can still end up with a broken glass if you’re not careful. Don’t be an idiot and avoid serving a cold beverage in a hot glass.

Critically Rated at 8/17

Written, Rated, and Reviewed by Brendan H. Young

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Filed under Drinks, Random Rants

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